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  With the wonderful world of technology available teaching virtually has become the new normal. I am happy to offer virtual art classes at $20 an hour for private lessons and $15 an hour for group lessons up to 5 students. Each project is catered to individual interests, ages and technical levels. All that is needed is to confirm a date and time before 12 am Pacific time.  After the first virtual art lesson using Zoom I ask all students to commit to a month at a time with the regular day and hour arranged. All students must supply their own materials which I can recommend depending what is necessary for the lessons. For any further questions feel free to contact Renee Miller at renee@reneemillerstudios.com

Questions for students

1.    Which level of student? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (feel free                     to elaborate)
2.    Age?
3.    Art Materials already in the house?
4.    What are your 3 favorite colors?
5.    What are your 3 favorite things? 
6.    Are you interesting in drawing, watercolors, acrylic or                                       oil Painting? (Sculpting is not an option at this time)
* Groups up to 5 people are welcome and the free Application of Zoom                 is required to every lesson
* Price $20 private lessons
            $15 group lessons
* Must download Zoom application for virtual art lessons

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