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   Hello everyone as you may or may not know I am now living in Cordoba Spain. For the time being the Corona Virus has changed our daily lives and routines. Using our creativity to fill the hours and days is incredibly important to help calm the soul and engage the mind. With the wonderful world of technology available, I recently began teaching virtual art classes at $20 an hour for private lessons and $15 for group lessons catered to individual interests and levels. With the free application called Zoom it possible and fun to teach group virtual art lessons and of course individual lessons as well. With that said, I wanted to reach out and offer more of my services to all of you at home. All that is needed is to confirm a date and time before 12 am Pacific time and fill out the list of questions below to cater to each artist. All students must supply their own materials which I can recommend depending what is necessary for the lessons. For any further questions feel free to contact Renee Miller at renee@reneemillerstudios.com

Questions for Artists

1.    Which level of student? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (feel free                     to elaborate)
2.    Age?
3.    Art Materials already in the house?
4.    What are your 3 favorite colors?
5.    What are your 3 favorite things? 
6.    Are you interesting in drawing, watercolors, acrylic or                                       oil Painting? (Sculpting is not an option at this time)
* Groups up to 5 people are welcome and the free Application of Zoom                 is required to every lesson
* Price $20 private lessons
            $15 group lessons
* Must download Zoom application for virtual art lessons